Pope Francis’ Hypocrisy: Why Complain About Nationalism When it Saved Christianity?

Pope Francis preaches the spreading of love and tolerance, including towards Muslims, where the more radical ones continue to dream about launching another epic Crusade against Christianity. But instead of fighting back, as Christian leaders did during the Crusades, the Pope is welcoming them in. It’s the Paradox of Tolerance – where tolerant becomes so tolerant of the intolerant that they get destroyed.

So the only thing stopping the Islamization of Europe and the United States are nationalist right-wingers. Preaching love and tolerance isn’t going to stop radical Islam, instead one must stop migrant boats in the Mediterranean and enforce citizenship rules.

And the Pope has denounced the defense industry as un-Christian, despite that Christians have also used weapons to defend themselves. Does he know that his very own Swiss Guard uses guns to personally defend him? Does he not know of Muslim-majority nations targeting Christians, who fought back with guns, whether past or present, whether the persecution happened locally or through empire-building?

Instead, Pope Francis goes a tour of some of those very places, such as the Central African Republic, Palestine, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. But it’s not to ask people to be tolerant to local persecuted Christians or to be thankful that some Christians are still alive there, partly thanks to having guns; rather, he goes there to show that Islam is at least religion tolerant enough to give an infidel like him some hospitality. At this point, it’s fair to conclude that those condemned firearms have saved more Christians than the man who claims to lead them all.

Francis with Muslims in Palestine

And back home, in Europe, Muslims are pretending to be Christians to boost their asylum claims because they can tell immigration officials that Muslims back home will kill them if they found out that they switched religions. Pope Francis, who wants more followers, is just delighted to see the conversion of many new “Christians”, but the religion won’t survive with fake members. Like how a nation needs quality citizens, Christianity needs quality followers.

And the hard truth for some is that many of those quality people are nationalists. While one can argue that nationalists are full of hate, one can’t deny that it is their hardliner ideology that keeps their Christian nation – and ultimately their religion – alive while the political and religious establishment is either to brainless or spineless to stop radical Islam.

A popular motto in the Roman Empire is “If you want peace, prepare for war.” It’s the harsh truth. If Christians were as tolerant as Pope Francis during the Crusades, Westerners today would be occupied by terrorist groups and be praying towards Mecca five times a day instead of enjoying beer and bacon.

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