“…the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

At the American Post, that’s our interpretation of the truth. Yes, that often means there’s no room left for political correctness, which we pride ourselves on sacrificing. We also pride ourselves on bringing information that actually matters to Americans, and for being one of the few independent outlets left in the world of mainstream media (MSM), which is increasingly dominated and tainted by the political left.

Since we don’t consider ourselves part of the MSM, you won’t find mainstream stories with us. Instead, we strive to present information that isn’t (widely) reported, or isn’t mainstream.

As we live in a post-truth era with increasing bias and censorship, both in America and abroad, we’d like to send an explicit message to readers that the MSM and social media platforms won’t: we encourage, even plead, our readers to question everything. This not only includes information you hear from establishment sources and, but also what you hear from everyday conversations and from us.