Why Trump Telling Israel to Bar Omar and Tlaib was Good for US Diplomacy and National Security

Leftists say that President Trump encouraging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bar Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the Israel was a act of betrayal to American values. How can he deny his fellow Americans the freedom of passage, they said.

But Trump’s move has his merit. Omar, born in Somalia, and Tlaib, with family ties to Palestine, have frequently spewed anti-conservative and antisemitic rhetoric. Trump letting them into Israel to speak and incite would ruin the progress he made to repair US-Israeli relations that Obama ruined. Trump’s job is to protect US-Israeli relations, and if he must inconvenience the lives of two leftist politicians, then so be it.

Yes, that means one must remember that Trump must do what’s best for all Americans, not just for two of them. And Trump’s move is best for all Americans because strong US-Israeli ties is essential to combating terrorism and keeping Israel as a major customer of American military equipment. Two leftist politicians are not more important than millions of American lives and jobs.

This incident also exposes the hypocrisy of left-wingers: they accuse Trump of being a dangerous loose cannon when Omar and Tlaib are dangerous loose cannons themselves. But which is more dangerous? Letting two Democrats incite more antisemitism in a region already infested with radical Islamic terrorism, or Trump wanting to maintain the consistency of a strong US-Israeli ties.

Finally, Democrat politicians have revealed just how clueless they are about their job description when they discovered that their rights on the job are the not same rights they have if they acted as private citizens. But it’s not a violation of their rights, they willingly gave that up when they signed up for the job. Instead, Omar and Tlaib violated the oath they took to do what’s best for America. The fact that leftists are blind to this is astonishing.

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