Better Flag Burning? US Flags are Sold with Extra Flammable Materials

Progressives have become more ‘woke’ after Trump became president and after alleged police brutality nationwide. And what better way for them to express their new profound anger with some flag burning?

“We’re getting more orders for American flags with flammable materials,” says Phuc Tran Truc, a fabric company owner in Hanoi, Vietnam. “A lot of our buyers are gays or Black Lives [Matter], and Antifa or something similar. It’s always on the news.”

Indeed, Mr. Phuc estimates that his factory is just one of over 30 that manufactures such flags in the city. After President Trump tariffed China, Hanoi has become even more popular for such companies that depend almost exclusively on selling to angry, leftist Americans. Tariffs are ensuring that producers are “no longer profiting when shipping from China to America so they’re moving south of the border, to Vietnam.”

With the rising competition to sell to flag burners, ideas to sell anti-American products have grown, such as a carpet with Trump’s face on it for people to step on, as well as Confederate flags and Thin Blue Line flags made with flammable materials.

American Thin Blue Lines burning on the ground.

“Besides the American flag, I’m not sure what the other flags really mean,” admitted Phuc, “maybe it’s about a black slave or Black Lives protest or black freedom, but I’m just certain that it doesn’t matter as long I can sell it.”

“All I know is green, which is the color of US money,” he said proudly.

A few blocks north is a competing factory owned by Le Duc Son. Similar to Phuc, he courts American buyers, but since the US market is too competitive, he also focuses on new foreign markets instead of just new products.

Like in America, Trump’s presidency and rhetoric has only increased flag burning in foreign nations, especially in Mexico due to cracking down on illegal immigration, in Palestine due to him improving US-Israeli ties, and in Iran due to him trashing Obama’s nuclear deal.

“Mexicans, Palestinians, Iranians, you name it,” he said, “they like burning US flags too, but they’re poorer so your profit margins are a bit smaller.”

Iranians burn the US flag. (AP)

“Iran is a bit tricky,” Le began, describing the embargo as a double-edged sword because it increased both the rewards of profit as well as the risks of getting caught.

“I have to sell under a fake name and with smugglers to evade the US embargo on Iran, but the smugglers cost a lot so my profit margins are even lower, but still not bad so it’s okay,” he elobrated, “I can only sell to either the US or Iran, but I want to choose both.”

“Trump made it hard to sell to Iran, but I still want to thank him for increasing my sales overall,” Le concluded, “he is my hero, he is the hero of all Vietnamese for showing that capitalism is better than communism for Vietnam.”

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