Leftists Say Why Band-Aids Are Racist, Instead of Worrying About Infections

If there’s one thing you can expect about leftists, it’s that you can expect them to be offended at the unexpected.

The latest innocent victim of the “traditional white patriarchy” is: band-aids. While this simple but effective American invention from 1920 has saved many members of it’s ‘traditional white patriarchy’ and beyond, ungrateful leftists are decrying it as a racist invention instead.

Why? It’s because band-aids are designed to match the skin color of the wearer. And leftists are upset that for a long while, band-aids were only made to camouflage with the skin of white people.

As the old saying goes, “form follows function”, meaning that physical appearances are less important that how it performs. But for the leftists, it’s the reverse. They don’t care that band-aids prevent infection, they just care about what color they are. Maybe they’d complain less if band-aids didn’t exist and everyone got infected instead.

Just imagine the shock of leftists when they discover a band-aid that perfectly matches their skin color. Their reaction is almost as if they’re cavemen who just discovered fire:

And Mr. Apollon from Twitter is the “vice president of research at U.S.-based racial justice organization Race Forward.” Just how bad can racial inequality be in present-day America when an African-American social justice warrior-leader is worried about band-aid colors instead of slavery? Let’s hope his ‘Race Forward’ non-profit isn’t getting tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Honestly, it’s a bit surprising that it took leftists a while to invent band-aids made for non-whites. Either it’s because they prefer to play victim by using the race card to complain about white supremacy, or it’s because they think selling band-aids to people who need it is evil capitalism.

Based on Apollon’s tweet below, it looks like he belongs to the former:

If leftists call you and your band-aid racist, you’re doing something right. But that’s not a hard badge to earn since they’re accusing people of being racist as often as they’re handing out participation trophies.

But what if my skin is whiter than the color of band-aids? Does that automatically mean I’m not racist?

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