Analysis: Why Trump is Right to Say “Europe treats us worse than China”

At first glance, America and China seem like polar opposites. The former is a modern superpower that arose from the West; the latter is an ancient one that arose from the East. Democracy vs. authoritarianism. Freedom of speech vs. censorship. Freedom of religion vs. state-sanctioned atheism. Free enterprise vs. heavy-handed state intervention. And so forth.

Since it’s expected that there will be another Cold War, it seems rather strange and inaccurate, especially to the EU-loving US leftists, for Trump to say that “Europe treats us worse than China.” After all, Europe doesn’t have state-sponsored intellectual property theft, it’s not a military threat, and has more human rights.

But Trump is actually correct here. China, with its gross human rights violations, is at least humble enough to know that it’s in no position to lecture America on how to govern its own people. But the European Union, after recovering from the ashes of World War II thanks to the US taxpayer-funded Marshall Plan, now sees itself as a shining beacon of democracy and human rights just like America does.

And with their leftist establishment being brainwashed enough to think that Trump is somehow eroding democracy across the Atlantic, they’ve felt that they have the moral obligation to lecture the very ally that built their post-war prosperity and democracy. But this isn’t new, the EU has acted morally superior and even patronizing towards the US for decades, albeit in a less confrontational form before.

On Instagram, Merkel eagerly showcased EU members clashing with Trump in the G-7 Canada Summit

An example of EU meddling in US affairs is on illegal immigration. Before Europe’s great migration crisis starting in 2015, the EU pressured America to treat migrants more “humanely.” But even when the EU was flooded with migrants ever since, essentially getting a taste of its own medicine, its leftist elite doubled down on its pro-migration stance with migration distribution and criticizing the US instead of admitting the truth. China, faced with illegal migrants from North Korea, is at least not hypocritical enough to lecture the US.

Second, the EU has interfered with the American death penalty. It slapped embargoes on American firms that produce lethal injection products and by fund NGOs that oppose the death penalty. Ironically, the EU embargo on those producers has forced states to use less humane methods. 

The EU fails to acknowledge that it’s not about whether the death penalty is right, but about whether their leftist politicians, unelected by Americans, can dictate what the US should do. Even worse is that the EU is reluctant to extradite criminals to nations that use the death penalty, and combined with its leftist welfare and borders policy, the EU is a perfect haven for rapists and murderers escaping American justice. At least China respects US sovereignty by minding its own business on death penalty.

And it’s not just China that unfairly subsidizes companies to kill fair trade, so does the EU. For example, Europe’s Airbus been trying to screw over America’s Boeing to the point where Tariff Man has intervene and the bad guy cries wolf. It sounds just like China, but at this point, it’s not surprising that the EU is now so leftist on economics that it can’t resist putting its best companies on welfare. 

Moreover, the EU, being richer than China, can do a better job at screwing over the US in trade. And it doesn’t help that Democrats are more opposed to tariffs on Brussels than on Beijing.

It’s not just on economics, the EU has better soft power overall especially since US leftists want to blindly copy Brussels’ generous welfare, “free” healthcare, immigration scheme, LGBT lifestyle, suffocating gun control, and so forth. Yes, although leftists are soft on China, they cite not Beijing but always Brussels as the role model. In other words, without firing a shot, the EU has already captivated so many US liberals that China’s Chairman Mao would be jealous.

And even in foreign policy, the EU has clashed with America the same way that China and the former USSR does. The three foreign states are, and the in USSR’s case were, fond of terrorist-infested Palestine and Iran. The EU has clearly joined the other side. The only thing worse than an enemy is a traitor since half the people will be too uneducated to see the threat.

And those too uneducated are the deeply entrenched members of the leftist trans-Atlantic establishment. The EU establishment can afford to love terrorist states since it’s barely spending money on defense – the US establishment is happy to fund their defense without thinking of the consequences. Thus, incompetent European militarizes are essentially foreign welfare organizations sponsored by US taxpayer dollars. In other words, the EU charm doesn’t just get American leftists to dream of a “socialist paradise”, it also manages to seduce the American establishment into funding them.

At least China isn’t petty enough to “outdo” a handshake with Trump. (Reuters)

Despite all the above cases, it’s still easier to picture China as the bigger threat at first glance due to its growing military might and more prominent tyranny. And that’s why Trump is correct to state that Brussels is more dangerous than Beijing – the devil is in the detail.

As President Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The EU and US leftists have really turned their respective governments into a cozy home for their globalist socialist ideology. But Trump has shown himself to be a giant wrecking ball to their safe space by informing Americans that Brussels is worse than Beijing.

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