Leftists Want America to Copy Australia; Trump Obliged But With a Twist

Since the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia in 1996, the nation has moved towards restricting the gun rights of its citizens, despite having a historical reputation of rugged individualism that is similar to the American Wild West. Leftist politicians and journalists in the US have frequently discussed that Australia has “learned its lesson” and lamented that our nation has been slow to follow.

Each time a shooting makes headlines in American, these leftists are quick to tout the Australian model. Why can’t we be more like them, they ask and in some cases, throw a fit.

Well, President Trump obliged, but with a surprise twist: Australia is tough on illegal immigration, and Trump would be more than happy to imitate that.

Yes, like America, Australia does hire private contractors to help them run the facilities, and intercepts boats at sea to stop smugglers.

Since 1992, just four years before the infamous Port Arthur shootings cited above, Australia adopted mandatory and indefinite detention of illegal immigrants. A majority of them are from Muslim-majority regions, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the Rakhine province of Buddhist-majority Myanmar.

In fact, Australia hosts some of those detention centers on remote islands and even pays foreign nations to detain them, which are Nauru and Papa New Guinea. How would American liberals react to that?

Australia’s overseas migration processing center in Manus Island, Papa New Guinea

Trump hasn’t opened detainee centers on remote islands and abroad; the closest he has done is to pressure Mexico to stop illegal migration with the “Remain in Mexico” policy. At least Trump didn’t have to pay another nation in his case.

No wonder why Australia doesn’t have a problem of illegal migrants flooding their northern border the same way that America’s and Europe’s southern borders are being flooded.

Perhaps that’s why many Australians felt confident enough to give up on guns just four years after securing their borders: its government actually listens to people’s concerns about illegal migration and the ensuing increase in crime. Yet leftists in the US wonder why many Americans will never give up their guns, especially to a government that doesn’t listen to its people. It’s because conservatives don’t want to surrender to tyranny.

No wonder why most Australians are okay with elections not requiring voter ID: the only people near the ballots are legitimate citizens thanks to rigorous immigration laws. But if the American left knew about the lack of Australian voter ID laws, they will tout it out of context like they already do with the gun laws.

When it comes to illegal immigration and  not gun control, why are our leftists suddenly silent on the Australia model? Will anyone call them out on their picking and choosing for what it is? 


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